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As I mentioned in my previous article ‘Now what’s on my needles!‘, I was not sure how this cardigan was going to turn out as I was designing it as I went along but then I was inspired by a pattern I saw by Sarah Hatton.

A few weeks ago I found out that I had been chosen out of thousands of international applications to be an Ambassador for Rowan Yarns. I was very excited and honoured as I have loved Rowan yarns for as long as I can remember. A week later I received a goodie box from Rowan full of yarn, patterns and their latest knitting and crochet magazine, No. 53. One of the patterns that was in my box was Hanne by Sarah Hatton (picture below) and Sarah Hatton just happens to be one of my favourite knitwear designers.

Knit this womens striped peplum style cardigan, the member’s exclusive free patt

So, inspired by Sarah’s design, I decided to add some stripes to my cardigan starting just under the bust line. I chose the dark blue colour ‘Storm’ in Rowan All Seasons Cotton. I have not added the peplum, although I do like it, but I have made my cardigan fitted like Hanne at the waist by decreasing stitches starting just below the bust and then increasing again to fit over the hips. I’m still not sure what’s going to happen next! Will I add ribbing and a ribbed buttonhole band? And if I do what colour will it be? As you can see I am knitting it from the top down so I will decide what to do next as I try it on as I knit.

If you would like to knit Hanne it is free to download from Rowan and is knitted in Creative Focus Worsted which is a lovely wool and alpaca blended aran weight yarn and perfect ‘all round’ yarn for stitch, pattern and colour work. For more information about Hanne and how to download click here.

2 thoughts on “Knitting Top Down Cardigan

  1. This is looking great and with very ‘in’ colors, too. I’m hoping Rowan will have more top-down patterns in the future, perhaps they will be inspired by your lovely work!

    • Thank you so much Dayana. I just love knitting top down as you can try it on as you knit. Much better chance of making sure it fits when you’ve finished and I like the fact that it’s possible to have no seams!

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