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As an Ambassador for Rowan Yarns, the lovely people at Rowan recently sent me a ball of each of their new yarns to try out. One of the balls I received was Soft Knit Cotton in Indigo Blue, described by Rowan as “a wonderful cotton drape yarn which shows texture and cable detail.”  I thought about knitting up a swatch to see what it was like but I think you get a better feel for the yarn if you use it to for a project, besides, I love the challenge of trying to design something using just one ball.

I had an idea that I would like to make some ballet style slippers similar to the ones I love to wear and came across a pattern by Kristina McGowan in her book Modern SlippersSoleTop-Down Knitting. She suggested using leather or suede for the sole but I bought some dark blue vinyl instead (see picture of the sole of my slippers on the right) and followed the pattern for my size. However, I did not like the way it was turning out and I also think some of the instructions in the pattern were missing so before I had even finished one slipper I ripped it back and decided to re-design it. I made the sole a little wider and longer using one of my own ballet slippers as a guide and worked out a completely different slipper design.

So, here are my slippers made with just one ball of Softknit Cotton! They are so cute!


I loved knitting with Softknit Cotton; it was so easy to work with. It is made from Cotton (92%) and Polyamide (8%) and is available in 50g balls. The recommended knitting needle size is 4½ mm (US 7) so it is a relatively quick knit.The structure of the yarn is like a tiny knitted I-cord so it doesn’t split or unravel into separate strands like some cotton yarns do. It is also very durable and as I ripped it back and re-knitted with it, you can take it from me that the yarn didn’t suffer for it. The knitted fabric is lovely and soft on the skin with a nice stretch to it and is machine washable. It comes in all these lovely colours too.

Softknit Cotton Colours

Once I got my design finalized this was such a fun project! It was so different from knitting a sweater as it involved some crafty fun to start with in preparing the sole with holes and some single crochet also. However, all the instructions are included in the pattern and once you get knitting it is a fairly quick project for intermediate knitters .

If you would like a free copy of my slipper pattern, only available in a size 6-8 UK (8-10 US), it is available on Ravelry, with all my other patterns.

Or maybe you would like to knit a sweater or a cardigan or this pattern below which is featured in Rowan’s Softknit Collection and designed by Martin Storey.

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Happy knitting!

6 thoughts on “Softknit Slippers

    • They do stay on well Dayana. The ruching is created by some pretty elastic which you can tighten as much as you like to make sure they stay on your feet! The pattern I originally was trying to follow was really low around the instep and heel which was one of the reasons I re-designed them as I felt they would just fall off my feet.

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