Mystery Afghan KAL: Pattern No. 2 Reminder Plus…..

Just thought I’d post a photo of two of my Martin Storey Mystery Afghan squares knitted using Rowan’s Pure Wool Worsted in the shades Buttercup and Papaya.


I’m loving knitting with this yarn and the resulting fabric is quite cushiony and will make a lovely cuddly blanket! I hope everyone who is taking part in the knit-a-long is enjoying it too and ready for the next pattern which will be published on Monday 28 April. Don’t forget, the patterns are only available to Row@n members who can download them for free from the knitrowan website.

Home DecorIf you who are not taking part in the knit-a-long you can also find some free patterns to try out the Pure Wool Worsted yarn such as the Home Decor Collection, pictured on the left. It includes a collection of fourteen patterns for the home, designed exclusively for Knitrowan by their Rowan Ambassadors using Rowan Pure Wool Worsted. So, as I am a Rowan Ambassador, you will find my Wheel Barrel Cushion design, pictured below, to download along with other cushions, a table runner, a hot water bottle cover and things to knit for the home.                                                              


If you would rather knit something to wear there are also some children’s and ladies designs to download for free in the form of two online collections. The Childrens Online Collection consists of five classic designs all using Pure Wool Worsted. Patterns include simple cardigans and sweaters in a selection of bold colour ways. I love this cute round neck cardigan called Pipkin, pictured below, knitted in stocking stitch with contrast edgings and a stripe sequence on the sleeves.

Pipkin web cov

The ladies online collection includes two sweaters, a slouchy cable shoulder bag and a cable hat and fingerless mittens that can both be knitted using just one ball of yarn. I would love to knit Cambern (pictured below) designed by Kathy Zimmerman. I am always attracted by eyelet stitches and love the frilled edging. I think I would like to knit it in Ivory, Azure or Breton, but I know that if I do get around to knitting it I will probably change my mind and knit it in one of the lovely pink colours like Raspberry.

Cambern cover

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Pure Wool Worsted Shade Card

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17 thoughts on “Mystery Afghan KAL: Pattern No. 2 Reminder Plus…..

  1. I’ve really enjoyed the KAL and will miss it when it’s finished, are there plans for another because I would love a Crochet a long!

    • I don’t think there are any plans at the moment Tracy….but I’m sure Rowan will do another one. I will pass your comments on to the Rowan team and also let hem know that you would love a crochet-a-long!

  2. I’m thinking how nice it would be if Rowan came up with a pattern for a small project to use up all the oddments at the end of the knit along.

  3. And here is my question about the KAL knit along pattern. I generally slip the first stitch of every row and did that on Pattern One. For pattern 2 I am knitting the first stitch. Is one way or the other going to make it harder or easier to join the squares when that time comes?

    • This is something I’m afraid I cannot answer as I do not know how the squares will be sewn together. I would think it might be best to be consistent so if you always slip the first stitch of every row when you knit maybe you should do this for all the patterns. Personally, I never slip the first stitch so not sure what effect it is having on your square. Sorry I couldn’t be more helpful.

  4. Hi there…can you give me some help with interpreting the week 2 pattern graph as I’ve never used one before!….am I correct in thinking that I start in the bottom right corner of the graph and that counts as row 1, RS – so, according to this graph Odd number rows are RS, Even number rows are WS. Row 1 would therefore be knit only, as would Row 2 – 5. Row 6 would be a WS row – K3, P35, K3 / Row 7 (& every odd row thereafter) = K. Am I correct?

    • I believe you are indeed reading the chart correctly.
      It doesn’t really matter on this chart but in general you read row one from right to left and then row 2 and all other even rows would be read from left to right. It is a lot to wrap your head around! But you’ll get used to it! This pattern is fun because it is what you do on the WS that is creating the pattern on the RS!

      • Thanks so much for your comment Nan. It’s a great skill to be able to knit using both charts and written instructions so thanks for your encouraging words 🙂

        • My personal fun with charts is that I knit continental with the yarn carried on my left hand so it sets up stitches differently. Often I have to see the charts to know if I am going to ssk or k2together to get a right lean or left lean. So I like it when patterns have both written and charts.

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