Martin Storey Afghan: Making up and Competition Time!

So we are almost at the end of the Mystery Afghan KAL: just 9 days left to go. If you are about to sew everything together and have looked at the making-up instructions I will explain in this post what is meant by ‘slip stitch’ as this has left many of you, including myself, unsure. Also today, Rowan announced how you can win some goodies by posting photos of your afghans………read on to find out!


My Afghan, sewn together but no trim yet!

There are many ways you can sew the pieces of a knitted garment together but it is always best to use the most appropriate method to achieve the best result. Before I sewed my afghan squares together I was curious to know which type of seam would be used and was eager for the making-up clue to be published. When it was published Rowan suggested to use a slip stitch but unfortunately they didn’t really explain what was meant by this and I couldn’t find a video on the Rowan site. Some of my Rowan Ambassador colleagues had steamed ahead and had already sewed their squares together using mattress stitch which is a great way to produce an invisible join but it left a bulky seam on the reverse side of the afghan. I wanted a flat seam without any bulk that was also flat and invisible on the reverse side.

So, when I was visiting Rowan at the mill in Holmfirth last month I asked Martin Storey what was meant by ‘slip stitch’ and he showed me his finished afghan and the slip stitch used to sew the squares together. Below is a photo that I took while sewing two of my squares together based on Martin’s instructions.


Here’s how: using the tail of yarn left over from the cast on/cast off, insert the needle into the loop of the purl stitch on the edge of one square and then in the purl loop of the corresponding purl stitch on the square you are joining. Continue in this way all along the edge of the two squares until joined. It should leave a flat and invisible seam which also looks great on the reverse (see photo below).


Before you sew them together, don’t forget to block all your squares so that they are exactly the same size and nice and flat. Find below a link to a video which explains how to block and why you should.


Here’s what the lovely people at Rowan have to say:

We’re so amazed at seeing all the people who have joined us in making the Pure Wool Worsted Afghan.
To say a massive “thank you” we are running a competition, where you have to share a picture of your finished Afghan to enter.
There will be 5 winners from Facebook and the categories are:
· Most colourful/creative colourway
· Best location of photographed afghan
· Best prop used in photograph
· Best adaptation of Afghan
· Best supporting yarn store

Don’t worry, your photography doesn’t have to be amazing, it’s just a bit of fun!

The winner for each category will receive:
A complimentary Rowan Subscription package
Pack of NEW yarn Brushed Fleece
Brushed Fleece NEW brochure
Simple Shapes – Pure Wool Worsted brochure (signed by Martin Storey)
The Pure Wool Worsted Collection brochure (signed by Martin Storey)

To enter….

On Ravelry – simply post a picture on the new thread on Ravelry:

and start your post with the category you want to enter. Entries will only be considered which are posted in the Competition thread.

On Facebook – Simply post a picture on the Rowan Facebook page post titled **Pure Wool Worsted Mystery Afghan COMPETITION**(click “reply” to post your entry) and start your post with the category you want to enter. If you are a retailer, please state your yarn shop name. Entries will only be considered which are posted as a reply to the original Competition post. Here’s the link to the Rowan Facebook page:

If the Pure Wool Worsted Mystery Afghan COMPETITION is not at the top of the page scroll down to find the competition post.

All entries to be received by 31st July 2014.
All entries to have used Pure Wool Worsted yarn.
You have to post separately for each category you want to enter.
Affiliated Rowan staff and Ambassadors are not eligible for entry.

Good luck, and once again thank you for joining in our KAL.x

This competition only opened today, Tuesday 22 July. You have just over a week to finish making up and take a photo and get posting!

If you do not want to enter the competition but would still like to show me a picture of your finished afghan you can send me a picture here or post on my Facebook page called What Colours Make. Here’s the link below:

And,  while you are there, it would be great if you could ‘like’ my page too!

If you have any comments you would like to share with my other readers about sewing together your afghan squares or any knitted garment or about entering the Mystery Afghan KAL competition here’s how: click on the Leave a reply link found below at the bottom of this post or click here, and when the new page opens scroll to the bottom of the page to the ‘Leave a Reply’ box.

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Good Luck with your photos!

6 thoughts on “Martin Storey Afghan: Making up and Competition Time!

  1. I am still working on my blanket. Your photo was very helpful. Should I use this same method for attaching the cable trim?

    • I know the patterns were tested ahead of time, Anne……and not just once. Unfortunately the instructions to sew in loose ends was overlooked and was probably added as a generic direction…….always on the end of a pattern but not appropriate for each square.

  2. According to the knitting instructions,we were told to cut the tails of the cast on cast off yarn and weave in after finishing each square. A bit silly really when we needed the tails to make up!
    Your throw is lovely, well done.

    • I chose to ignore those instructions Crow……not that I had any foresight or knowledge of what was to come…….I just left them. Good job I did! Thanks……I’m glad you like it 🙂

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