Giveaway: Rowan Knitting & Crochet Magazine 56

Mag56CoverHere’s your chance to own a copy of the latest version of Rowan’s ever popular magazine featuring 41 knit and crochet patterns: Rowan Knitting & Crochet Magazine 56. I have a copy to giveaway to one of my lucky subscribers. The magazine is arranged into three style stories – Wilderness, Craftworks, and Essentials so I’m sure you’ll find many projects to make and love. Read on to see if you would like to win!

Wilderness: The Wilderness collection is inspired by the colours and feel of open, dramatic and wild landscapes with a strong Scottish influence. Textured stitches, houndstooth and herringbone tweeds are mixed with the main pattern influences of plaids, checks and fair isles by patch working, striping and phased yarn combinations to give a new and modern look to a traditional style. Here’s a selection of my favourites from this collection.

Ness designed by Marie Wallin using Rowan Tweed, Colourspun & Frost

Ness designed by Marie Wallin using Rowan Tweed, Colourspun & Frost


Fyn designed by Marie Wallin using Cocoon


Laide designed by Vibe Ulrik using Felted Tweed

Brack Cape

Brack Cape designed by Lisa Richardson using Cocoon and Frost


Scaven designed by Marie Wallin using Felted Tweed

Craftwork: Craftwork is a celebration of pattern, colour and texture, inspired by the artisan’s approach to traditional craft and heavily influenced by the Bauhaus and Arts and Crafts movement. Textured yarns and stitches are used to blur saturated and neutral colours and give the knitted fabric a felted or imperfect look. An array of patterns abound: stripes, soft optical jacquard, colour blocking, ombre pattern banding, customized embroidery, pixelated florals, modern argyles, bright phasing, fairisle and oversized houndstooth. Here’s a selection of my favourites from this collection.


Karolin by Lisa Richardson using one of the new Rowan yarns, Mohair Haze

Karolin is my absolute favourite of all the designs.


Anja designed by Marie Wallin using two of the new Rowan yarns, Chenille and Mohair Haze.


Birgit designed by Sarah Hatton using the new Rowan yarn, Mohair Haze.


Gisela designed by Gemma Atkinson using Kidsilk Haze

Essentials: In contrast to the above collections, the Essentials story focusses on the key shapes of the season which are simple and easy to wear. With the main emphasis on garment fit and shape, colouring is fairly neutral and knits are plain with some textured and lace stitches. With clean shapes and toned down colour the key season trend, brushed mohair, can flourish alongside the use of regular wool yarns. Here’s a selection of my favourites from this collection.


Stanza designed by Sarah Hatton using a new yarn from Rowan, Mohair Haze


Melody designed by Martin Storey using Kid Classic


Song designed by Julia Frank using Fine Lace

However, magazine 56 also includes many other features: WW1 knitting; a brief look into the amazing world of Rowan designer Lisa Richardson; a look into the history of British hand knitted glove making known as Sanquhar knitting; interesting facts about Alpaca; a simple to follow guide to two handed colourwork knitting; interesting information on the location for Wilderness; and a seasonal review of current and forthcoming publications.

So, if you’d like to win a copy of Rowan Magazine 56, all you need to do is subscribe to my blog and leave a comment below in the ‘Leave a Reply’ box letting me know which design from Magazine 56 you would love to make. I will pick a winner at random from all the comments left on this post at 4pm (US Mountain Time) on Sunday 17th August 2014.  All package and shipping costs will be paid for by me…..wherever you live. Good luck!

This competition is now closed. The winner of Rowan Knitting and Crochet Magazine 56 is Jan Belton. Congratulations Jan!

To view the full collection on Rowan’s website click here.

Or you can view the full collection as a movie on YouTube…….just sit back and watch: click here

If you are a Row@n member you also can download five free patterns:
Click here to view and download the designs.


Yvonne designed by Grace Melville using Mohair Haze and Fine Art available to Row@n members only.

Rowan have also created a collection of eight homeware projects designed exclusively for Row@n members, as featured in Rowan Knitting & Crochet Magazine 56. Click here to view these designs.

If you would like more information on becoming a Row@n member or opening a subscription with Rowan click on the links below.

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Good luck and happy knitting and crocheting!

197 thoughts on “Giveaway: Rowan Knitting & Crochet Magazine 56

  1. I adore Stanza … So pleased you included that on your blog. The neckline is so effective and adds a lovely look to a classic sweater. Would be feeling like a cross between Audrey Hepburn and a bunny in this one.

    Can’t wait to see if LYS will be stocking the yarn. Can go in and have a squish and make a wish that it turns up in my christmas stocking!

    • I love love love Stanza too Jane! I have have a few balls of Mohair Haze and I can tell you that it is so very soft and squishable! Great Christmas present choice!

  2. So many beautiful designs to choose from… I’m spoiled for choice. I like Ness very much, and Kaffe Fassett’s gorgeous Tanja design… but the men’s sweaters and cardigans are also very tempting. Mmmm, I’d love to win a a copy of the magazine.

    • I love Gisela also Doreen, it will be a cozy top as Kidsilk Haze is used double throughout! It does look challenging but I think once you get through a few rows of the pattern it will be easy to repeat visually 🙂

  3. What a lovely blog, and what an interesting stories. I like the one when you visited the Rowan Mill.
    My favourite design from magazine 56 is definitely Ulrika from Lisa Richerson.
    This would look very cool on a pair of jeans.
    At the moment I’m waiting for the Rowan Felted Tweed to arrive?
    I’m knitting a jersey for my friend Rowanne. The jersey is from Katya Gorbaccheva. Can’t wait to start.

    I will follow your blog from now on.
    Im also thinking of subscribe to Rowan, we can’t get any of the patterns and the selection of the wool is very limit, and cheaper if I order online. The only problem is it takes a while and you want to start straight away.
    Take care, Anja

    • Thanks for your lovely comments about my blog Anja, and thanks for subscribing. You’re right, Ulrika would look great over jeans and will also be soft and cozy as it is knitted using Kidsilk Haze and Fine Art.
      There are two ways you can sign up with Rowan: as a Row@n member and as a subscriber. Becoming a Row@n member costs nothing and you can download many of their free patterns, plus you get other benefits. Becoming a subscriber gets the magazine delivered to your door…..but there is a charge for this as you would expect. You also get to choose a free gift……I know one of the choices was my Capello hat pattern and a ball of Kidsilk Amore Shimmer and another was a shade card with all the yarn shade samples.
      I know how frustrating it can be not be able to go out and buy your yarn as soon as you want it; it’s the same for me. I use Deramores mainly and it can take 10 days to two weeks to arrive. I think the most valuable thing I own is the shade card as mentioned above; you can’t buy yarn on the internet without one of these.
      Hope your Rowan Felted Tweed arrives soon……Rowanne is lucky to have a friend like you!

  4. I don’t know if I can leave another reply but the magazine is so stunning good.
    Its hard to dislike a pattern. I think that the Brack Cape during those cold winter days would be perfect to wear!…. can’t wait for the result!!


  5. Stanza designed by Sarah Hatton using a new yarn from Rowan, Mohair Haze is just absolutely for me. I am petite and find many patterns swamp me this is so elegant and really timeless

    • Stanza is such a cute and cozy design and would definitely look great on a petite frame. You can always count on Sarah Hatton to come up with great designs!

  6. The cable on the Fyn Sweater would be awesome to try and learn how to make….it looks like it would work well in a scarf to go with the sweater as well……love all the designs….but that cabling grabbed my attention…as I’m learning how to cable right now…

    • Good luck with your cabling Darlene; hope you’re getting on OK with it. Fyn would be great to make as the cabling doesn’t look too difficult and the rest of the cardigan is quite simple.

    • And if you did knit all those three, Bina you’d be using quite a range of Rowan’s yarns:Kid Classic; Chenille; Mohair Haze; Rowan Tweed; Colourspun and Frost!

  7. I´d love to make “Heike” from the new magazine. But there are so many other great objects, so maybe “Heike” won´t be the only one..
    Best wishes from Germany

  8. Ness is so unique and beautiful, and gives so much variety to one project with different yarns put together, colorwork and twisted stitches. Marie Wallin just keeps getting better! Thanks for the giveaway and good luck to everyone!

  9. Very hard to choose just one so I think I would like to make Ness first but that would be after I finish the Martin Storey vest I am working on at the moment.

    • It is so difficult to choose one……and Ness is one of my favourites! Which design of Martin Storey’s are you working on at the moment Lorelle?

  10. I love the Wilderness series!!! I would love to knit Ness and Brack Cape but the men’s sweaters are also irresistable.
    Fingers cross!

    • It’s times like these that you would really like lots of free time and an extra pair of hands so you could knit every design you like! Good luck Ann 🙂

  11. Choices, choices. I love Birgit and Gisela and the pure styling of Stanza. For me though, I can’t wait to make Franziska, a real cosy, curl up on the sofa jumper.

  12. As a new knitter, I would make song, gave up a nasty habbit and started to learn how to knit this year. Now that I have conquered that demon, I need a new challenge and song would suit me down to the ground.

  13. I would knit Roan. It’s so lovely to see Fair Isle back in style again and I absolutely love this coat. Grateful for your blog and the great overview of the current magazine. Always so many nice patterns to inspire creativity!

  14. I would make Fyn first- my boyfriend doesn’t wear sweaters much, but I’m hoping to change his mind!! After that, who knows. I’d like to knit at least half of the designs in this issue!

    • I do too Sharon. I met Sarah Hatton recently on my trip to the Rowan Mill and I told her that I always end up knitting her designs…..I just love them! I do hope you get around to knitting Stanza…..good luck!

  15. It is difficult to choose just one! I got it narrowed down to two though – I like the Yvonne and Freida patterns. If push came to shove chosing between the two, I would have to choose Freida.

    Such lovely patterns!

  16. I would love to make Carlochy! It’s a gorgeous design and I could continue wearing it as I grow with pregnancy.
    There are definitely many beautiful designs in the magazine. I would have had a much harder time choosing if my belly wasn’t growing right now!

    • Yes….good choice Naomi. I think knitting is such a lovely and relaxing thing to do when you are pregnant……gives you a chance to put your feet up!

  17. This looks like a great selection of styles; it’s difficult to choose a favorite look! I’m interested in Laide as the caption stated felted tweed. What is felted tweed? Also, I like the woman’s sweater on the cover. It’s always fun looking at new yarns and patterns. I’m shameless in stores; I feel like a cat just pawing through all the soft yarns.

    • I agree Joan….so difficult to choose from so many great designs! Laide is knitted in Felted Tweed DK which is a wonderful, tweedy yarn with a felted look. It is a blend of merino wool, alpaca and viscose. The rustic colour palette makes this yarn perfect for fairisles, striping and other colour work. Also, as this is a lightly pre-felted yarn that knits to a lightweight fabric with a felted effect you need to follow care instructions, as the yarn may felt further if washed incorrectly. Click…..
      to take a look at the yarn on the Rowan website.

  18. Has the look of some of the older magazines but very much up dated. Some beautiful designs but I love the simplicity and style of Stanza.

  19. As always Rowan succeeds to surprise me with so many lovely designs.
    I would like to knit ‘Birgit ‘ for my daughters and ‘Stanza ‘ for myself.
    I wonder, would there be anyone collecting al the magazines?
    Thanks for this giveaway, I keep my fingers crossed!!!


  20. I would love to knit Karolin for myself because I love fairisle and am trying very hard to get better and faster at it. I’m largely a selfish knitter because I find it hard to part with things I’ve put so much time and effort into, but I would like to make Fyn for my lovely partner.

    Fred settled in Africa to be with me 11 years ago, and Fyn will perhaps remind him of Europe, while showing him how much I appreciate the generosity of his move.

    • Although Karolin looks like fairisle it is not knitted using a fairisle technique; slip stitches to create the effect……another good knitting technique to learn and quite easy Jo-Anne. I’m the same as you Jo-Anne…..a bit of a selfish knitter so, to knit for your partner is indeed a lovely thing to do for him in return.

    • You must try it Charmaine! And these two yarns, Chennille and Mohair Haze, couldn’t be more different from one another but I know they make a great combination!

  21. I am hoping to make the design Franziska which I loved as soon as I saw it on the previews, but as the book is not even out in Australia as yet I would love to win a copy thanks Cilla Rule.

  22. Sigh…… many lovely patterns……..
    Karolin is my favorite, o no wait….maybe Laide or shall it be Yvonne? And the brack cape must be on the list to. Help can’t make a decission.

  23. Brack cape would be my choice. I have a gorgeous daughter living in Canberra , the coldest city in Australia. I know she would just love the warmth and comfort of this adorable Rowan knit.

  24. I’d love to knit Roan. It is my favorite, looks so comfortable and I can wear this as a jacket during so many cool days.

  25. I want to make Karolin, stanza, gisela. No particular order but more added to my list of must knits! I already have the mag so don’t need to be considered for the free give away. I wanted to add my likes! Happy knitting

  26. I love Song! I wonder if it is possible to make as a newish knitter. I also really liked Stanza but would want to make it a bit longer. These designers are all really pretty and stylish! Rowan does it again!!

    • Di, Song is actually crochet design…..maybe you can crochet? Stanza would be a good knit to attempt for a newish knitter like yourself and easy to knit a bit longer……just knit until you reach the desired length from the cast-on edge to the armholes. If you need any help just let me know 🙂

  27. It never fails to amaze me, what the rowan Designers produce- and keep on producing- but then they have such fine yarns with which to work!

  28. There are so many designs I love in this issue! I am trying to decide between the cozy Anja, the lovely cables in Brora, or the beautiful tartan in Ailish.

  29. Think this is one of the strongest collections Rowan has done in a few years… love Ness, Katia and Brora, to name just a few!! Too many projects not enough time!

  30. I’ll be making Ness – the mix of aran style and fair-ilse is strking and original. I’d choose different colours though – I love greens and blues – but choosing them will probably take me as long as to knit the thing!

  31. I especially love the contemporary version of Bauhaus tradition that is featured in the design “Karolin” especially, and would start with that. 🙂

  32. I love the colour combination and apparent and simplicity of Anja – and I can almost feel how soft that yarn would be!

  33. What a choice we have, after much consideration it would have to be Ulrika, love the colours and how simple garter stitch can create this beauty. Thank you

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