Mohair Haze Dilemma

I am about to start my next knitting project and will be using Mohair Haze in the shade Tumble ….love this colour!

MohairHazeI have 11 balls, so bearing that in mind while I was deciding what to knit, I’ve been looking through all the designs that use Mohair Haze. There are so many to choose from! So far I like:


Honesty, from the book North by designer Kim Hargreaves


Stanza designed by Sarah Hatton from Rowan Knitting and Crochet Magazine 56

Fara - Angora Haze

Fara, from the book Storm by designer Kim Hargreaves

Neat Cardigan

Neat Cardigan, designed by Sarah Hatton, from the book Designer Knits


Kitten, from the book Smoulder by designer Kim Hargreaves


Rita designed by Martin Storey, from the Angora Haze brochure


Brigitte designed by Martin Storey from the Angora Haze brochure

The truth is I want to knit them all but I think I will go with Brigitte as it is a design that I have had my eye on for quite a while, although I need to make it a bit longer. I am still not sure if I will add the beads? I have some pretty light blue beads that I could use which will give a subtle jewelled effect making the cardigan perfect for this time of year with December around the corner. Adding beads and sparkles transforms an ordinary garment into something a little more glamorous especially with shades of black, white and strong jewel tones and Mohair Haze has these shades to choose from including some pretty pastel ones too………..

Mohair Haze Shade CardRowan Mohair Haze is beautiful high quality yarn that can be used for many projects: cardigans, sweater, hats and scarves. It can also be used for all Rowan patterns using Angora Haze, which is what I will be doing, however for every 1 ball of Angora Haze you will need approximately 1.5 balls of Mohair Haze. It consists of 30% wool and 70% Mohair and has a lovely fluffy aura and feel. Although it is incredibly light it will be warm to wear.  I have knitted a swatch (recommended knitting needle size 2-3 US, 3 mm) and found it is easy to knit with despite it’s fluffiness. I thought frogging might be an issue but the knitting rips back surprisingly easily; the little fluffy fibres don’t seem to tangle together at all!

If I have any yarn left I would love to make these……..

Judy Gloves

Judy Gloves, designed by Martin Storey from the Angora Haze brochure

Maybe you have already knitted something using Mohair Haze? I would love to know your thoughts; please leave a comment at the bottom of this post.

If you would like to see and read about my progress with Brigitte and Mohair Haze I will be posting images and updates on my Facebook page What Colours Make and while you are there please “Like” my page if you like it! Thanks!

If you would like to see all the designs from the brochures mentioned in this post please click on the links below.



Rowan Knitting & Crochet Magazine 56

Angora Haze

Designer Knits

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Happy fluffy knitting!

8 thoughts on “Mohair Haze Dilemma

  1. I love all the patterns but would probably also opt for Brigitte. I would add the beads (although embellished sweaters don’t really suit me) for texture and interest although the yarn is stunning on its own. Blue beads would be great as they wouldn’t pop too much – more subtle…. xxx

  2. I love the patterns and wool! I really like the first one Honesty and Rita. It is s shame they don’t make them a bit longer length. How would you lengthen them? I am a new to knitting. I look forward to seeing your progress!

    • Good question Di! All the patterns are designed to a standard body shape but I am a taller than the standard size but also with a long body. Most people would probably not need to lengthen them. Generally you just knit more rows than the pattern suggests after any waist shaping and before the armhole shaping until you reach the length you require. However, for the design Brigitte, I am going to lengthen it so it sits below the waist rather than on the waist as this very short cardigan style will not really suit my long body. This means I will need to make sure that I cast on enough stitches so the ribbing fits around my high hip (just below my waist) and then decrease these stitches gradually until I am back to the required number of stitches for the size I am knitting. A little more complicated than just adding a few rows but it will be worth it in the end…..I hope 🙂

  3. Looking forward to see your finished garment. I’ve knitted a sweater and a Barrett using Angora Haze. A beautiful yarn. Unfortunately people sitting next tome when I wear my red sweater also “become” red.

    • Hi Kari, the fibre shedding was one thing that put me off Angora Haze. Mohair Haze seems to shed only very slightly. I’d love to see pics of your finished sweater!

  4. Hi Esther,
    I’ve made from the ‘angora haze collection’ Thelma in ‘tender’ and Lucille in ‘caress’.
    the gloves I’ve made in kiss. The yarn is so soft and the designs are so romantic.
    That’s why we go for ‘Rowan yarns’!!!
    I’m also fond of Kim Hargreaves but the angora collection is unbeatable !

    I hope you enjoy your knitting as much as I did.

    Kind Regards

    • H1 Fabienne, great that you made so many designs from the one pattern book! I love Kim Hargreaves designs too and hope to knit something from here books soon. Thanks so much for your comments and I’d love to see pics of your finished garments!

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