The Rowan Crochet Along: Why I’m doing it!

Have you noticed just recently that there has been a surge of crocheted garments in the shops? I’ve seen crocheted cotton tops and crocheted inserts on tee-shirts and even on shorts! Keeping up with it’s rise in popularity Marie Wallin recently published Filigree a very feminine collection of ten crochet designs, some being a combination of knit and crochet, but all creating a sophisticated and contemporary look. Flicking through Marie’s designs I picked out three that I have added to my project list: Aster………




and Rose…….


And from Rowan Knitting and Crochet Magazine 57 I have also decided to knit and crochet another Marie Wallin design called Eloisa…..

Eloisa, in Panama designed by Marie Wallin.

Eloisa, in Panama designed by Marie Wallin.

In fact, Eloisa is next on my list. I have never been that impressed with the look of crocheted garments but these designs have changed my opinion totally!

With all this crochet going on I decided I must brush up on my crochet hooking skills and have a go at the latest Rowan-along…..the Crochet Along with Lisa Richardson using one of their new yarns, Summerlite 4 ply.

Summerlite 4ply in shade Pinched Pink 426

Summerlite 4ply in shade Pinched Pink 426

This beautiful soft matt yarn is made using 100% of the finest cotton and comes in 12 light and dark summery shades.

SummerliteShades copy

I’m making the shawl but you could make something slightly smaller like the baby blanket, or a scarf or a cushion which are even smaller projects…..great if you haven’t much spare time or don’t want to spend too much money. Rowan have chosen the shades for you in three different colourways of Pastel, Vibrant or Blues, but you can also choose your own, like I did using these four shades………….


I did love the Pastel Colourway of Washed Linen, Duck Egg, Blushes and Buttermilk but knew the muted shade of washed linen and the yellowy Buttermilk would not suit me. I look best in fully saturated non-yellow colours so changed the Washed Linen to Pure White and the Buttermilk to Pinched Pink. Here’s my first hexagon showing these shades crocheted together……


Maybe, like me, you want to choose your own colourway. If you prefer dark shades you could combine these four:


Or if you prefer something lighter in tone but also without an obvious colour:


Or if you want to highlight just one colour use the above shades but substitute one with, for example, Buttermilk, Pinched Pink or High Tide.


If you need any help choosing shades please do contact me or click on ‘reply’ at the bottom of this post and leave a question or comment.

I am actually quite surprised at how much I am enjoying making these little motifs. They are so very portable too which is great if you are going away in the next month or so.

If you would like to join in the Crochet Along click on the link below

Crochet Along with Lisa Richardson

for all the information on the shopping list, the three colourways, the pattern downloads with download dates, etc, etc. And…….if you are a complete beginner or a little rusty there is no need to be afraid as there are videos on the Rowan YouTube Channel which will help you through every week to complete each pattern.

The first pattern release is available to download now (released on 25th March 2015). There will be 8 patterns in total with the last available to download on 5th June 2015. It’s not too late to join as the patterns will remain on the Rowan website. Also, at the end of the crochet along Rowan will be launching a competition in June 2015, with some fantastic prizes. More details to follow.

Zee Maps

Why not add yourself to the Rowan Lisa CAL Zee Map, and you could meet a fellow Rowan Knitter around the corner from you! I’ve noticed that I am all alone in Colorado!

To add your location to the Zee Map see below

  1. Go to “Additions” and “Add Marker – Simple”.
  2. Write your Ravelry name or other name in Name
  3. Write your location in Location. If you only say the city, your marker will be in the center. To be visible if others are in your city, write a more specific address or add a postal code.
  4. Choose a color of marker. There are two shapes as well: a candle and a flower!

If you have or are going to join the CAL I’d love to know what you are making and the shades you have chosen and if you have added yourself to the Zee Map. If you need any help choosing shades I’m here to help with that too……just click on reply at the bottom of this post.

Happy Crocheting!

4 thoughts on “The Rowan Crochet Along: Why I’m doing it!

  1. Thank you for the colour ideas! I might have a go at crochet! I look forward to seeing your project as it grows! It looks like a nice easily transported project that would be ideal for the summer holidays!

    • Thanks Di…..and if you want to learn crochet or brush up on your skills this really is a good opportunity and you’ll have something to show for it at the end! If you don’t want to take part now you can always do it later on as the patterns will still be there 🙂

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