Crochet Conquered!

Having not crocheted in a very long time, except for edgings along knitted garments and starting hats and bags with the magic circle method, I was determined to get to grips with this craft again. So, when Rowan announced their Crochet Along with Lisa Richardson I jumped at the chance to take part and here is my finished wrap.

Shawl Gatelighter

The project consists of 7 different crocheted hexagons and for the wrap I had to make 10 of each hexagon, 70 in total. You could also make a baby blanket, or smaller items such as a cushion or scarf. Each of the hexagons introduce you to one or two crochet stitches and by the time you’ve made several hexagons the stitches have been saved permanently in your brain. The 7th pattern appears to look the most complicated and when you finished the first one of this wheel-looking design you can’t believe that you’ve made it and feel really accomplished!

Shawl Front copy

I can’t deny that I thoroughly enjoyed this project, re-learning all the skills I thought I had forgotten with the help of the videos published on the Rowan You tube channel with each hexagon pattern release.

Shawl L side View copy

The Crochet Along used the exquisitely soft Summerlite 4ply which is made from 100% of the finest cotton. I found the yarn easy to work with on the whole, occasionally not hooking all the strands of the 4 ply at the same time……down to my bad technique probably, rather than the yarn. The colours for the CAL have been chosen for you which you can find in the shopping list but you can also choose your own like I did using the shades white, duck egg, blushes and pinched pink. There are 12 shades to choose from……..

SummerliteShades copy

I really do hope that Rowan extend the colours to include a pale pink and a baby blue shade. Are there any colours you would like to see added?

Now that I have honed my crochet skills I have a crochet project list as well as a knitting project list. These designs are on my crochet list for sure…..


Liala knitted in Panama, designed by Marie Wallin

Liala, above, is available as a free pattern to download as it was the member’s monthly exclusive free pattern for August 2012.


Aster knitted in Summerlite 4ply, from the book ‘Filigree’ designed by Marie Wallin

But I will have to make a crochet and knitting project list also as these are both knitted and crocheted………


Anemone knitted in Summerlite 4ply, from the book ‘Filigree’ designed by Marie Wallin

Eloisa, in Panama designed by Marie Wallin.

Eloisa, in Panama designed by Marie Wallin from Rowan Knitting and Crochet Magazine 57

I can’t wait to get started on my next crochet project!

The Crochet Along is now finished but you can still download all the information including the shopping list and the hexagon designs and also view the helpful crochet tutorials. Click here to view all the information and links for this CAL. Also to celebrate the finale, Rowan have launched a very special Crochet Along Finished Project Competition. To enter post a picture of your finished project to the threads on Facebook or Ravelry with a note about what you enjoyed most about making it. You will be in with the chance to win an amazing prize package including a Rowan Subscription membership and £75 worth of Rowan yarn to keep you busy over the summer months. Alternatively, you can email Rowan on The competition runs from June 10th 2015 until June 29th 2015 5pm UK time.

Shawl Gate Back Viewlight2

I have written a couple of posts in the past about this CAL and Summerlite 4ply; if you would like to read these posts please click the links below.

The Rowan Crochet Along: Why I’m Doing It

March Madness: Rowan Magazine 57 Giveaway and Crochet Along

And click here to view all the Rowan patterns featuring Summerlite 4ply.

Also, as I mentioned above, if you have a shade that you would like Rowan to consider adding to Summerlite 4ply let me know by leaving a comment below and I will suggest it in my monthly feedback to Rowan. And, if you took part in the Crochet along let me know too!

Back soon with new yarns and designs for Aurtumn/Winter 2015/16.

6 thoughts on “Crochet Conquered!

  1. Your wrap is wonderful!
    I am obsessed with the plaid crochet jacket Colonsay from Rowan 58! I am not a subscriber to Rowan publications. Do you know if I have to be to get a copy, or where I might buy a copy?


    • Thanks Patricia! Yes…..the plaid crochet jacket Colonsay does look fantastic. You don’t need to be a Rowan subscriber to buy the magazine. It can be purchased from many yarn stores that sell Rowan and also online such as Webs and LoveKintting to name just two. Here’s the links to their websites….
      Please note: Magazine 58 will not be available to buy until after July 15. Hope that helps. Let me know if you need more information.

  2. Hi Esther, your shawl is lovely and I really love the colour combo. I did something similar : aubergine, high tide, blushes and duck egg. Colours I’d like to see: a proper turquoise, a lovely purple, a lavender and a forest green. X

    • That’s a really great colour combination Helen……….your shawl will look lovely too! And thank you for your Summerlite shade additions; I would love a turquoise too and a couple of extra purple colours like lavender and a forest green to add to the darker tones. I will pass these suggestions on to Rowan. Thank you!

  3. Hi Esther! Your crochet shawl is wonderful! I am still knitting my Martin Storey afghan & thoroughly enjoying doing it. Also I.have only just begun learning crochet from one of my knit n knatter group ladies.
    Colours I would like Rowan to perhaps include in the summerlite 4ply are a rich vibrant red & please

    • Hi Judy, so glad you are enjoying knitting Martin’s afghan; it is quite a big project and I’m sure it will be lovely when you have finished it…..I know my is. Great that you are learning crochet too. The crochet along where I made the shawl was a fantastic way to learn or extend your crochet skills. Summerlite 4 ply is a lovely soft cotton yarn but you could make the hexagons in another yarn if you prefer. Thanks for your rich vibrant red & deep orange summerlite shade ideas; they would actually make excellent additions to the range and I will definitely pass this on to the Rowan team in my June monthly feedback to them. Thanks!

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