2 thoughts on “Texture tree

  1. Ooh after asking everyone to tell me when the new kal started, your half way mark email was the first I had.!,, grr.
    Anyhow ( or any road up ,as they say in this part of the world) I have now got the patterns, and just have to find the yarn.
    To align the hole as above, would k2 into the central stitch do it? Normally one would k1 front and k1back into the stitch, no hole, but by k2 into the front should give the hole. What do you think?

    • Thanks so much for the alternative instruction for the top of the Lace Tree. I’m not sure if what you suggests will work but you could try it and if it is successful please do send me a photo and I will include it in my next post about this KAL. Or maybe one of my other readers could have a go? So pleased you now have all the patterns released so far and hopefully will get your yarn very soon 🙂

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