Autumn Winter Knitting 2017: Part Two

Remember that package that turned up on my doorstop with all these books?

Rowan HandKnitt Pattern books 2017

If not, check out my last blog where I looked through the first four (links at the end of tis post). In this blog post I’m continuing with my search for one or two of my favourite designs from each book. Here’s a look at the next five……

Martin Storey’s Easy Cable Knits: 10 designs with a modern twist.

Martin Storey's Easy Cable Knits Front Cover

All the designs in this book are simple shaped garments with interesting cable panels or edgings and are knitted using Rowan Hemp Tweed. Choose from cardigans, a cowl, a scarf, a shawl, fingerless mittens, a blanket and a cushion. I have some Hemp Tweed in my stash and quite like the Wave Cable Cardigan but will definitely be adding a bit of shaping and length.

Wave Cable Cardigan designed by Martin Storey

Wave Cable Cardigan, knitted using Rowan Hemp Tweed

Martin Storey’s Learn To Knit Cables

Martin Storey's Learn to knit cables front cover

This book is a “sister volume” as Martin calls it, to his Easy Cable Knits pattern book and useful if you need some help with knitting cables. In this book, Martin shows you step by step, including pictures, how to knit three basic cables and then provides a project for each one all using Rowan Hemp Tweed: Cable Wristwarmers; Wave Cable Scarf; Plait Cable Cushion.

Timeless DK: Six designs by Martin Storey

Rowan Timeless DK Book Front Cover

These designs, all by Martin Storey, appear to be more suited to my taste. Martin Storey has been very busy this year! All these designs use another of Rowan’s new yarns: Alpaca Soft DK. It is a soft mix of extra fine and super fine merino wool and baby alpaca. It is gorgeous! I love the design Irma and also Bibbi. There are 12 shades to choose from….not sure which one I would go for just yet?

Irma, knitted using Alpaca Soft DK

Irma, knitted using Alpaca Soft DK

Bibbi, knitted using Alpaca Soft DK

Bibbi, knitted using Alpaca Soft DK

Timeless Worsted: Seven designs by Martin Storey

Rowan Timeless Worsted Front Cover

All these designs are knitted using Pure Wool Superwash Worsted. There are 20 shades to choose from and if I had the time I would love to knit Tivoli in the shade Ivory or one of the dark blue shades like Electric, Navy or Oxford.

Tivoli, knitted using Rowan Pure Wool Superwash Worsted

Tivoli, knitted using Rowan Pure Wool Superwash Worsted

Timeless Cocoon: Six designs by Lisa Richardson, Brandon Mably, Sarah Hatton & Georgia Farrell

Rowan Timeless Cocoon Front Cover

I have used Cocoon a couple of times and it is a very quick knit. It is quite hairy and sheds lots of hair-like strands everywhere; I remember having to knit with a towel on my lap! It is worth it though. These designs are quite big and baggy…not really me at all. Although, I would consider looking closer at the long cardigan called Snowy Cardigan as I have always wanted to make a coatigan but just haven’t found the right design yet.

Snowy Cardigan, knitted using Rowan Cocoon

Snowy Cardigan, knitted using Rowan Cocoon

If you would like to explore these books, patterns and yarns for yourself, click on the links below…..

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Sorry, I couldn’t find links for the two Martin Storey books: Easy Cable Knits and Learn to Knit Cables.

….and then maybe you can let me know which are your favourite designs?

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