Washing your Luxury Rowan Hand Knits

If the yarn care label states to wash your lovely hand knitted garment by hand then that’s exactly what you should do. In fact if it says you can machine wash them I usualy wash them very carefully by hand. When you have spent so much time and money creating something really special do not take a chance and ruin it by throwing it in a washing machine! Turn the garment inside out before placing in cool water with mild detergent specially developed for wool or delicates  Do not rub or ‘over handle’ the garment as this may lead to pilling, felting, fuzzing and even shrinking. Handle with gentle loving care! Gently press out as much water as possible before placing it between two clean towels to absorb the excess water. Lay flat to dry after re-shaping. Never leave a delicate wool garment to dry in the sun as it may cause it to shrink.