Love my Big Wool Coloured!

Ever since I saw the cardigan Jitterbug designed by Lisa Richardson from the Big Wool Colour Collection I have been dying to make it and now here it is …….. finished!

My Jitterbug Front Hugging

Jitterbug is knitted using alternating stripes of two rows of Big Wool and two rows of Big Wool Colour. It was super quick to knit as it is knitted on big needles: 9mm (US 13) and 10mm (US 15). I managed to finish it in two weeks!

The original design, pictured below, was knitted using the shades Vert (Big Wool) and Carnival (Big Wool Colour) which I did like very much but I wanted something less greeny and more blue.


So I chose the shades Steel Blue and Fairground. Here’s a close-up of my two shades knitted up………

My Jitterbug CloseupSometimes it can be perplexing choosing different colour combinations. You might just have small snippets on a shade card which you cannot place side by side to see how they interact with one another. It is slightly easier if you have a local yarn shop which stocks all the shades; you can then hold two balls next to each other and even place them up to your face and look in a mirror to see how the overall colour looks against your skin. I only had a shade card so this is what I did. I chose the Big Wool shade first as I saw this as the background colour. I narrowed it down to Blue Velvet and Steel Blue.

Big Wool Shades

Rowan Big Wool Shades

I then looked for a Big Wool Colour shade that would stand out but also harmonize rather than clash with these two blues.


Rowan Big Wool Shades

Carnival and Jamboree were out straight away: too much green and too much grey, respectively. Fete and Waltzer were out too as they were very purple but may well have worked quite well. Carousel had lots of blue through it and would harmonize well with the two blues but then would the striping stand out or get lost? That’s why I went for Fairground. It was overall a blue-red shade so would harmonize well with the blues. As it is on the dark side I chose the lighter Steel Blue shade to allow a contrast in tone to help the stripes stand out. Well, I am really happy with the result and love my Jitterbug!

My Jitterbug Front 2

Jitterbug is more than just a cardigan; it is like a cross between a cardigan and a knitted jacket. It is easy to wear with just a camisole underneath like I have done in the photos but I also wore it with a thicker top and it felt lovely and cosy! I love the neck line too; it is more open rather than close up around my neck which doesn’t really suit me. I also chose to add 6 different buttons in a pink-plummy shade, which you might be able to see in the picture below, just to make it even more unique!

My Jitterbug Full Front 2

And here’s a couple more photos of me and Jitterbug skimming stones across the Snake River in Jackson Hole, Wyoming………

My Jitterbug Back 2

My Jitterbug side viewIf you would like to knit something using Big Wool Colour take a look and some of my favourites from the Big Wool Colour Collection.

This scarf called Fandango will be very quick to knit up……..


Love this sweater called Cancan ……..


You can also go to an earlier post of mine which includes more pictures of Big Wool Colour designs …… please click here to read that post.

I have got some Big Wool and Big Wool Colour left over from Jitterbug and another project and I have had my eye on this felted slipper-bootie pattern called Sula which I would love to make one day………

Sula Slippers

Designed by Sarah Hatton and using Big Wool this slipper pattern can be customised to your hearts content. You could add creative embroidery or crochet trims or pom poms, buttons or bells, whatever you feel like!! I will definitely add some Big Wool Colour!

Have you knitted something using Big Wool Colour? I would love to know what you made and if you had a colour choice quandary and how you solved it. Please share your colour dilemma with me and my other readers by leaving a comment at the bottom of this post….thank you!

If you would like to see all the designs from the Big Wool Colour Collection by Lisa Richardson please on the brochure’s cover image below.

Big Wool ColourCver

If you would like a copy of the free slipper pattern click on the link below and it will take you to the Rowan website.

Free Sula Slippers Pattern

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Happy knitting!