MODE at Rowan…get ready for something new!

Maybe you’ve seen all the buzz on social media about MODE at Rowan? But maybe you’re not sure what it is? What’s it all about? Well, maybe I can explain a little more about it before the launch on 1st August so…get ready for something new…

MODE at Rowan Image

I was lucky enough to be invited to the MODE at Rowan Press Event on Thursday 13th of June. The event took place between 3pm and 6pm in the Sloane Room at Peter Jones, Sloane Square, London. I took the train from Horsham, West Sussex and of course my knitting for the journey, which at the time happened to be the Bead Twig Square from Martin Storey’s Beaded Cushion and Throw Knit Along (which I am now in the process of sewing together…more about that when it’s finished). I was told that Rowan would be presenting the MODE at Rowan concept at the event, and the collection would be on display for everyone at the event to see and try on. We would also be shown a video about the concept and the MODE garments would be modelled on the catwalk during a live fashion show. I was really looking forward to it!

When I arrived I was greeted by the lovely Quail Studio, who have partnered with Rowan to help produce the MODE at Rowan concept. I was handed a goodie bag, containing lots of information about MODE at Rowan, a ball of pink coloured Big Wool, a MODE at Rowan hat knitting pattern and some lovely wooden knitting needles, size 10.00 mm. Don’t you just love goodie bags!

MODE Goodie BagMODE Goodie Bag 2

Before the presentation and fashion show I made a bee line over to say hello to Rowan designers Martin Storey, Lisa Richardson and Annika Andrea Wolke, and also Sharon Brandt, Rowan Brand Director and David MacLeod, Rowan Brand Manager. We chatted together while enjoying canapés and drinks until the video presentation was ready to begin followed by the fashion show.

Sharon Brandt and David MacLeod from Rowan

Sharon Brandt (in light grey cardigan) and David MacLeod

The video presentation started with Sharon Brandt:

“MODE at Rowan is a new concept for this Autumn/Winter 2019/20 season. It’s about bringing good contemporary designs together in a very simplistic way… The idea of MODE at Rowan is that you have a capsule wardrobe you can wear anytime of day, anytime of year and in any place… The MODE at Rowan designs are contemporary timeless classics shown in beautiful soft shades, knitted with quite simple stitch work. It’s about making easy wearable garments with influences from across the high street and the catwalk.”

MODE Browns and Creams

MODE at Rowan designs in soft browns and cream

and David MacLeod continues:

“MODE at Rowan Collection One is a new collection for Rowan this Autumn/Winter season featuring 18 designs. It’s where we take a look at our deigns and bring them together in a contemporary collection, photographing them in a catwalk style. It’s also about having pieces in the collection that can be layered together or equally worn on their own.”

MODE at Rowan in blues and greys

MODE at Rowan designs in soft blues and greys

After the presentation I watched the fashion show. This was great as you really get to see what the designs look like, how they hang on a real person and how the garment behaves as that person moves around. You can start to envisage which ones will suit your body type. I believe that the MODE at Rowan designs will be shown on social media, etc., in a video format shot in a catwalk style so everyone will see how the designs look and hang as the model moves around.

I was also told that the MODE at Rowan designs will be knitted up and available in Rowan Flagship shops for everyone to try on. I think this is a great idea as, even though I liked many of the designs which I saw in photos before the event, I couldn’t make my mind up which one I would like to knit. What I did find useful was trying on the knitwear at the event and fell in love with the pink cardigan with the bobbly sleeves … which you can see in the video below which I took during the fashion show…

I also loved the long blue cardigan. Here I am trying it on at the event…

Esther in Long Blue MODE Cardigan

I still have much more to tell you about MODE at Rowan but I think I’ll leave that for another blog post. In the meantime, take a look at all the latest from MODE at Rowan on Instagram:

So, bye for now but … get ready for something new!

Esther x

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