A Quick Summer Knit: Rowan Pure Linen

It may be the beginning of August but there is still time to knit something and be able to wear it this summer like ‘Lorne’, a short-sleeved cardigan in Rowan Pure Linen.Front2buttoned

Although I actually started this project quite a while ago, I stopped before I had really done much because I wanted to take part in the Mystery Afghan KAL. So, when I finally got to pick it up again it really was quite a quick knit…….I had it practically finished in 4 days! The reason it is quick ……… you only need 4 balls of yarn and it is knitted all in one piece sideways from the centre back.


You can see from the photo above that there is no seam at the centre back even though this is where you cast-on. This is because you use some waste yarn to cast-on and then using the Pure Linen yarn knit the first side of the cardigan (back, front and sleeves) and then pick up stitches from the centre back, discarding the waste yarn, and knit the other side of the cardigan. So, to finish all you have to do is sew 2 side seams together, pick up stitches along the neckline and rib 4 rows and sew on the buttons. Genius!

However, I decided to make two changes to the pattern: I grafted the side seam edges together and picked up stitches along the hem adding a picot cast-off edge. After sewing together one of the side seams I decided I was not happy with the way it looked so I undone the edges from the underarm to the hem (this was easy as they were cast-off stitches) and used Kitchener stitch to graft the side seams together. In the photo below you can see the sleeve and underarm seams are sewn together but the side seam is grafted together for a less visible join.


Then, even though the lower edge of the cardigan did have a ‘natural edge’ because the stitch at this edge on every row is a knit stitch, I had some left over yarn and thought I’d like to add a picot cast-off finish just to see what it looked like……and, I do like it!


I really loved using this yarn and was pleasantly surprised by the result. If you see it in your local yarn store don’t be put off by it’s strange string-like appearance.


When knitted it turns into a gorgeous fabric with a lovely sheen and drape; I can’t believe how fantastically well it does drape. Also, it does not behave the same way as woven linen, by which I mean creasing very badly; it has been scrunched up in my knitting bag for ages and did not crease at all. Before I sewed the buttons on I washed it in Soak, which my Rowan Ambassador friend Anne gave to me as a present on my recent trip to the Rowan Mill (thank you Anne….it’s lovely) and I laid it flat to dry. It only needed some minimal pressing afterwards!

For my ‘Lorne’ I chose the lovely dark pink shade called Arabian but there are seven others also……………


So, if you fancy a quick knit for August why not have a look at the other 13 designs by Lisa Richardson in the Pure Linen Collection………

PureLinenCollectionI would also quite like to knit this one………..

Byron Bay

Byron Bay

I think it would look great with a belt around the waist too!

I also like this lacy one called ‘Kilda’……….



Great over leggings too!

I mentioned a few months ago that I have also bought some more Pure Linen in Arctic to make Tamamara………….



not sure when I will start this though….soon I hope!

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Now for things to click on!

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Happy summer knitting!