Rowan Magazine 70: Joy; Festivity; Decadent Design; Opulent Textures; Shimmering Detail

The latest autumn and winter pattern offering from Rowan has arrived – Rowan Magazine 70 –  in a lovely big box!

Rowan Yarns Box

The Knitting & Crochet Magazine Number 70: Platinum Edition, along with some new balls of yarn, were inside, beautifully wrapped up in Rowan logo tissue paper!

Rowan Mag 70 in a Rowan Box

According to the editor, this Platinum Edition celebrates “the jubilee of Rowan’s 70th Magazine” and promises to radiate “joy and festivity with decadent design, opulent textures and shimmering detail”. Well, let me take a look inside and see what I can find.

The joy is in receiving the Rowan magazine! Then comes the joy in finding a design I so desperately want to knit, followed by the joy of knitting it up and then the joy of wearing it. So, I joyously took a look through the magazine and Nickel, designed by Quail Studio, knitted using Alpaca Classic and DMC Diamant, was one I think I would like to knit.

Rowan Nickel

Nickel, designed by Quail Studio

I must admit, I had to look at the pattern’s design layout diagram to work out if this jumper would suit me as the photo of the sample size (40-42”) on the model was hard for me to see and then translate to a small size. The diagram did show that the sleeves were set-in, which is good for me. However, the design has been constructed with a fair amount of positive-ease. Maybe I could make a much smaller size as big and baggy clothes do not suit me.

Festivity is a word that describes merrymaking. That can be many things to many people depending on their culture or where they come from. It reminds me of Christmas and the middle-of-winter season, wrapping up in a warm festive jumper, sitting by the fire after a walk in the snow. Maybe this design, Quartz, designed by Lisa Richardson, knitted in Alpaca Classic and embellished with a tree-like neck design using DMC Diamant could serve as a fireside festive jumper.

Rowan Quartz

Quartz, designed by Lisa Richardson

The body of Quartz is knitted in the round to the armholes after knitting the sleeves, also in the round. When you get to the armholes you join the sleeves in and continue knitting it altogether up to the neck. This means no sewing. Sounds good to me. Oh wait…. there is sewing…. in the form of embroidery – chain-stitching the tree-like designs in the DMC Diamant thread.

Decadent Design
The decadent design winner goes to Roselite, designed by Erika Knight.

Rowan Roselite

Roselite, designed by Erika Knight

The reason I have chosen this as a decadent design is because you will need Rowan Felted Tweed, Kid Classic, Kidsilk Haze and DMC Diamant to knit this up. This includes 3 different shades of Felted Tweed, 2 different shades of Kidsilk Haze, 1 shade of Kid Classic and 1 shade of DMC Diamant. Good luck with choosing shades if you decide to steer away from the designers choices.

Opulent Textures
There are a few designs that could be described as having an opulent texture but if there was one I would knit and wear it would be Topaz, designed by Georgia Farrell, knitted using Felted Tweed.

Rowan Topaz

Topaz, designed by Georgia Farrell

It’s got so much texture: texture with alternating bands of stocking stitch and moss stitch (seed stitch); texture from the DMC  Diamant thread sewn through the purl “bumps” of the moss stitch to create diamonds; and texture from the Felted Tweed yarn which creates a background speckle. I also like the way the design is knitted: sideways in one piece from cuff to cuff.

Shimmering Detail
Quite a few of the designs use the DMC Diamant thread to embellish and create shimmer but the one that could suit me is Onyx, designed by Arne & Carlos, knitted using Alpaca Classic and DMC Diamant.

Rowan Onyx

Onyx, designed by Arne & Carlos

It is hard to see from the photo but the shimmer comes from the detailed area of bobbles, diamonds and zig-zags across the yoke, therefore, shimmering detail.

What do you think? Have you got your copy of Rowan’s Magazine Number 70? What are your favourites? Or have I inspired you to get your hands on a copy? Pease leave me a comment by scrolling down to “Leave a Reply” below.

Thanks for reading my blog all the way to the end!

Esther x