Substituting Discontinued Yarn

My favorite Tapestry cardigan

A few years ago I made a cardigan in Rowan Tapestry. I really love it and wanted to make another in a different color. I was disappointed to find Rowan had discontinued Tapestry but I guess it’s something all yarn companies do for all sorts of reasons. Despite that, it is possible to substitute another yarn if you buy one which is similar in gauge, length, weight, etc. However, Rowan has made the substitution of their discontinued yarns so much easier as they have produced a chart with all their current and discontinued yarns and their suitable substitutions which you can download on their faq page. I was so thrilled to find it! It’s so useful as you can find substitutions for their current yarns and not just the discontinued ones. Brilliant!

So, I am going to look into the colors of Rowan Summerspun and Colourspun. I think Bloomsbury and Nottinghill in Summerspun may go well together or Winterburn and Giggleswick in Colourspun as I would like to make a pinky or purply colored cardigan. It’s going to have to wait a bit though as I already have a couple of projects on the go!